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Freyr also Frey

God of weather and fertility; son of Njord and brother of Freya. His step-mother was Skadi. The dwarves built him a ship, Skidbladnir, that could hold all the gods and yet could be so small that it could fit in ones  pocket.  He also owned a chariot drawn by two boars, Gullinbursti and Slidrugtanni. He could ride Gullinbursti [golden-bristled] through the sky. It was made by dwarves for Loki to give to Frey. He went as a hostage to the Aesir, along with Njord and Freya in order to dwell and reside there.

His name means "Lord" and it is thought that he was at one time the consort of his sister Freya [Lady].  His wife was Gerd, a beautiful giantess who he fell in love with when he espied her from Odin's throne. He sent his servant, Skirnir, to win her for him. For this task, Frey lent Skirnir his sword which "swings itself if wise he who wields it" and his horse. After Skirnir's threatening of her, Gerd agreed to give herself to Frey in nine nights at the forest Barri.  At the Ragnarok, Frey will be killed by the fire giant Surt.

Also known as Yng, Frey is named as the progenitor of the Swedish royal family. There was a statue of Frey in the temple at Uppsala in Sweden, the center of his worship.